Wifi Hotspot & USB Tether Lite 2013.12.14.0.d


Share 4G with computers!

24-hour Free Trial

--- FEATURES ----------------
Share your phone's 4G or 3G internet as a mobile wifi hotspot! Or connect your computer directly using a USB cable.
Include widgets for 1-touch toggle.

--- REQUIREMENTS ----------------
Designed for Samsung Droid Charge only. Sorry -- does not work for HTC, Motorola, etc. Does not require root.

Some users report it works with:
* Samsung Galaxy Prevail
* Samsung Galaxy Indulge (MetroPCS / Cricket)
* LG Optimus
* T-mobile Comet (Huawei Ideos U8150)
Please email any working models and we will update this list.

--- FREE TRIAL ----------------
This free trial works for 24 hours.
If it works for your phone, you can buy the full version (see below).

If it doesn't work with your phone, sorry for wasting your time, and we'll try to add compatibility with more models in the future.

If the app doesn't from Android Market, try opening it from the application list.

--- LEGAL ----------------
This software must be used in accordance with any service agreements from your phone provider. See Terms and Conditions in the app for details.

No warranty: Software updates by Android or a wireless carrier may cause this app to stop working in the future.

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